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Monday, March 28, 2011

Minecraft Texture Fun

It’s busy around, but In my spare time I like to play Minecraft. I recently opted to try out different texture packs for a change. I usually stick with one that pretties up the original look of the game (like the Painterly pack), so I opted this time to try something different.

java 2011-03-28 02-30-07-50

I liked Animal Crossing, so Animal Crafting was an instant hit with me. This is my main offline world, with my home’s dock on the left and bridge over my moat center frame.

java 2011-03-28 02-30-00-27

Here you can see my firing range. I’ve got a mine cart nearby that, if it catches something, I wheel it in front of the dispenser and fire away from safety. This look is downright arresting to me, but let’s try something else anyway.

java 2011-03-28 02-34-02-57

This Gameboy texture is really… unique. It does give a good feel for the days of old but I’m not sure I miss these particular days that much.

java 2011-03-28 02-34-12-80

Downstairs in my lobby is my cake room, with the old tried-and-true quote.

java 2011-03-28 02-34-15-34

Eugh, the cake never looked that good before, and now it’s worse then ever. Great.

I like Minecraft allot and will probably try some more texture packs to find one I want. If I find any more that stand out to me, maybe I’ll bring them here, too. Later. all.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on March 21st 2011

I’ve not posted here in a while since is going so well, so let me catch you guys up on what’s going on the Network. My NBA 2K11 My Player avatar, Rick Daniel, recently had to start a game at point guard for the Miami Heat with both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hurt, and he did pretty good. You can read all of his adventures are AlphaSports.

The Jockeys, my web comic, continues it’s weekly run. Recently Joey and Jackie had the coach of their local pro basketball team on the show with them, and he brought his latest recruit, a familiar, albeit “French” monster. The Jockeys usually gets updated every Saturday on The Jockeys – WHYME Radio.

Alazar, our World of WarCraft blog continues to sit forlornly since I’m still not playing the game – and I’m not sure when I will again. The site will remain up, though, whether I’m playing or not for all to read.

In non-site related news I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 again lately, mostly on the Brothers of Chaos 2Fort server. If you were to go to their site and look at my stats, you would see that I suck at TF2.

I’m also drawing my pseudo-manga (a comic drawn in the style of Japanese manga) and may – someday – post a link to my latest work I had to start over since I wasn’t happy with my last work but I may finally be making headway. I’ve only been working on it, off and on, for over 10 years.

That’s about what’s up right now for me and I’ll be sure to check back in if there’s any change.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awaiting Dragon Age 2

Like many an RPG PC gamer tonight, I’m waiting for my unlock for Dragon Age 2. It’s supposed to come at 3:00 AM EST (12:00 PST) so I should have about 10 minutes left if nothing goes wrong. I may write up a first look article once I give the game a go. I may not. It all depends on if there’s anything worth talking about.

EDIT: Yep, it unlocked at 3:00 sharp. On to Feraldin!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Latest from

So far the deployment of the new format has gone really well. The pages seem to work, people are coming and going just fine and nothing appears to be failing. I’ve noticed one or two things that have needed fixed and patched them up with no downtime. I’ve added links back to here from the site, and I’ve tweaked the ads on the pages. All in all, it’s going well.

While you’re here, please take our visitor survey and help us improve the site.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Hero


Meet my hero. He’s my heroic avatar in DC Universe Online, my latest game to review. In the last day or so I’ve reviewed Fallout: New  Vegas (PC), Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) and Bloody Good Time (also PC), and I’ve got another review queued up for the end of the week. is back in full swing!