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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slow Times Ahoy

It’s a slow, slow time to be working at Finances have hit a lull again, and the one game I have that needs reviewing – Mass Effect 2 – is hard for me to sit through long enough to review it. For whatever reason, the game is boring the hell out of me. That may be a review right there, but I’m not that kind of writer. Beta’s and I have been somewhat out of touch lately for whatever reason (I assume her primary occupation is keeping her very busy).

I have also attempted a complete redesign of, but for the time being, that’s going on hold. It’s just not a priority with the site as stagnant as it currently is.

All is not lost, though. Once I get it through my head that Mass Effect 2 just isn’t going to be reviewed, I can finally move on to something new. Maybe Endless Ocean: Blue World or Red Steel 2 will be next, or perhaps Perfect Dark. I have a feeling that attempting to review Just Cause 2 will put me right back where I am now, so I’m holding off on that.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Rant of the Month

See this?

See these?

Lies. All of ‘em.

For kicks I ordered a five buck NBA box from Taco Bell as Charles Barkley advertised in the above clip, and it was pretty good. The burrito supreme was mediocre at best, but the taco was a taco, and the cheesy gordita crunch was pretty good. The cinnamon twists were nice and the Pepsi was a Pepsi. There was only one problem.

No box. Just a bag.

Now, I’m usually a cool customer when ordering something I saw on TV. I don’t expect everything to come completely as advertised. However, when you advertise something as a five buck box, don’t you expect, y’know… a box? Hello? Earth to Taco Bell! You can’t sell a box without the box! Worst of all, how the Hell am I supposed to rock without a box?! Charles’ rhyme in the ad should have started;

“The five buck bag… it sags, it sags…”

I want to sue Charles Barkley now. The damages? A five buck box with an actual box.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MLB 2K10 Played, Glitchy

I’ve had my copy of MLB 2K10 since noon on the 2nd, and have put quite a bit of time into it.  My one My Player character has already – in about a month of play time – escaped Double-A to reach the Majors. Wow! However, sometimes the game is just harder then it needs to be.

mlb2k10 2010-03-02 15-39-19-65 Yes, he’s batting without a bat. On a foul ball, he dropped the bat and ran part way to first. He got back and resumed the at-bat, but forgot his weapon. This has happened to me twice.