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Saturday, September 27, 2008

More WoW and Gavelier's Future

Hey everyone. I've been playing WoW allot the couple days, and I've run into a few things to yammer about. For one, Lord Captain Wyrmak is evil. Plain and simple. The dude killed me twice in the Swamp of Sorrows last night (fittingly enough it was around the Pool of Tears lol) and I'm still mad about it. Once, I had him down to under 600 HP and was this close to finishing him when I ran out of mana. With my potions already on cooldown, I was stuck. And dead. I also ran into Somnus the dragon down there, but there was no way in blue blazes I was trying to tackle him! I also died twice trying to slay Gorlash. It was a bad night for me with elite mobs. Today, however, I killed a Deepstrider Giant in Desolace with relative ease, so I feel a little better.

I've taken a liking to the SimpleMP3 and AutoBar mods lately. I use SimpleMP3 to play my game music soundtracks, and the Autobar has greatly simplified my interface. I recommend you give them a shot, if you haven't already. Also, I do NOT recommend MazzleUI. Not only is it overkill, I spent five and a half hours last night trying to configure it, and when it finally worked, I hated it. Bad Mazzlefizz!

About Gavelier and his web comic, I'll be cutting back on the updates a little, to just a few a week. The daily updates are fun, but I don't think I can keep it up. Look forward to his future exploits! Oh, and all those troubles with elite mobs above? It was Gavelier I was playing. Poor guy!

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