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Thursday, May 7, 2009

News and Notes: 5/7/09

It’s been awhile since my last post, so here’s what’s up.

  • I’m still hyping Unreal Tournament III to anyone who’ll listen now that it’s been upgraded with patch 2.0 (and now 2.1), as well as the Titan Pack. This is what Epic intended the game to be, I believe, and I love it.
  • MLB 2K9 for PC got patched a while back, and more then anything it seems to have all but fixed the first baseman bug. That was far and away my biggest complaint, but it wasn’t everything. I still want to see the other fielding gaffes fixed as well as the Quick Play mode expanded to allow changing the other team’s starting lineup and pitcher (although that may be out of the realm of a normal patch).
  • Would it make sense for me to review World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, now that everyone who will buy it has had it for months? I’m not sure. I’ll give it some thought.
  • I’m toying with in-game browsers like PLAYXPERT, XFire and Steam’s in-game browser, and so far I like XFire’s the best. Steam’s works very well, but obviously only works on game’s that run through Steam. XFire, on the other hand, seems to work with most anything, and the in-game app includes taking video and pictures as well. PLAYXPERT seems to take too much in the way of system resources so it’s not running 98% of the time on my rig. Naturally,I go by Alphasim on XFire (as seen at the bottom of this page). Look me up.
  • I bought a new cell phone recently, a Motorola Krave, and I love it. The interface is slick and it works like a charm. My only potential complaint is the flip-up plastic screen that protects the touch screen when not in use is a hindrance when using the touch screen QWERTY keyboard. Other then that, no complaints. I definitely recommend it.
  • Betasim graduates from the University of Illinois at Chicago this weekend. Congrats, Beta! Now you can get back to work on the site…  I mean, relax and take it easy! lol You know which one I really mean.
  • I recently re-installed and patched back up TESIV: Oblivion. I installed a couple item mods to expand the gear and loot tables, primarily Armamentarium and it’s related mods. It works great and I’m enjoying the game again. My big complaint when I uninstalled it was that I’d seen no new gear in 30+ hours, and now that’s been fixed. I’m looking to install  a couple graphical overhaul mods to improve the slightly aging visuals now that I’ve got two more gigs of RAM since I last played, plus and that GeForce 8800 GT I reviewed back in September of ‘08.

I’ll post more later. I’ve got allot of minor updates to post here that don’t warrant a site update, so look forward to that.

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