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Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Many probably haven’t seen it, but I’ve been writing My NBA 2K10 Player Chronicles since I got NBA 2K10 for PC back in the fall. Now, it’s set to be joined by a sister blog, My MLB 2K10 Baseball Player Chronicles. You can follow the pics below to reach them, although the latter doesn’t have much since the game launches next week.



My NBA 2K10 PC page mostly covers the ebb and flow of Rick Daniel, an all-around skilled point guard. Daniel started his career in Reno with the D-League Bighorns, but has since spent time in LA with the Clippers and now plays with the Orlando Magic. I occasionally cover my other players, like Sean David (who hasn’t been heard from in a while after quickly arriving with the Mavs following only 5 D-League games) and my newest My Player character, Reggie Anderson. I’ve drawn up trading cards for Rick and Sean so far. Here, take a look at one.


Not terrible, I’d say. Reggie will get one too, if I continue to play him. I’ll likely do similar for my baseball players too on the new blog.

Read the old blog, prepare for the new, and look forward to an MLB 2K10 review. Later,all.

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