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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slow Times Ahoy

It’s a slow, slow time to be working at Finances have hit a lull again, and the one game I have that needs reviewing – Mass Effect 2 – is hard for me to sit through long enough to review it. For whatever reason, the game is boring the hell out of me. That may be a review right there, but I’m not that kind of writer. Beta’s and I have been somewhat out of touch lately for whatever reason (I assume her primary occupation is keeping her very busy).

I have also attempted a complete redesign of, but for the time being, that’s going on hold. It’s just not a priority with the site as stagnant as it currently is.

All is not lost, though. Once I get it through my head that Mass Effect 2 just isn’t going to be reviewed, I can finally move on to something new. Maybe Endless Ocean: Blue World or Red Steel 2 will be next, or perhaps Perfect Dark. I have a feeling that attempting to review Just Cause 2 will put me right back where I am now, so I’m holding off on that.

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