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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Covering Cataclysm

Hello all. I am attempting to cover the pre-release hoopla around World of WarCraft’s latest expansion, Cataclysm.

Since my attempts to contact Blizzard’s media relations department for further information and answers to a few of my questions have been a failure, I’ll be going on publicly released information (unless I am admitted to the beta testing, which seems unlikely). This means that unfortunately our coverage will always be a step or so slow. Such is the curse of being a small site with minimal staff.

In any case, you can find our main page HERE, and I’ll be posting most of my new information on Alazar. If you’ve never been to Alazar before, it’s my World of WarCraft blog centered around my level 80 human paladin, Gavelier. The blog began  on October 8th, 2008 with Gav at level 48, and has been in constant contact with my misadventures with Gav ever since.

Other then that, Betasim has finally found her way into OnLive. I’ll have updates on her take of the system when I can get it.

1 comment:

BetaSim said...

Ah, updates on my take?

I like it, except that I wish that it worked with wireless.

I've tried the bridge solution, but Onlive is none-too-thrilled with the solution and kicks me off periodically.

But, when it works, it works very well. Yay!