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Thursday, October 9, 2008 Overload!

I have to say; running can be stressful sometimes, but usually in a good way. For example, I've currently got Mario Super Sluggers for Wii as well as Soul Caliber IV and NBA Live 09 for Xbox 360 sitting in front of me to review. I'm just wrapping up the Live 09 review and that'll be up very, very soon (like within the hour), so that'll be done. Too much reviewing, not enough reviewers! Beta, where are you?? (besides Chicago)

I'm also irate with Gamestop. I pre-ordered Live 09 for the 360, and they told me it was going to be on backorder. I told them to cancel it then, and went to the store the next day and bought it off of the shelf. I then get an email saying they can't cancel it, because they already shipped the dumb thing. So, within a couple of hours (I'd paid for release-day delivery), I've got two copies of the game. I'm going to send Gamestop's copy back and get my money back. I had plans to either pick up Fable 2 or Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility to review as well, but I can't if I don't get my money back from this debacle .

In other news, to get WoW out of my staff blog, I've opened up Alazar, a dedicated WoW blog. Check it out!