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Friday, October 3, 2008

NBA 2K9 for PC??

Ok, I've been duped before, but this sems legit. There are pages for the game on Gamestop and TakeTwo's store, plus if you go to the game's homepage, you'll see info there. I can't tell everyone how excited I am that 2K Sports is going to pick up where EA left off in the PC market, at least for the NBA. The biggest downer is the 'no online' policy. We'll see if that effects anything in the future. Later, all.


BetaSim said...

**starts picketing**
New Gavalier! New Gavalier!

Alphasim said...

Gav only shows up on weekdays, so be patient.

BetaSim said...

"shows up"... lol.

Sounds a bit like he's stopping by for a nightcap.

But, alright, then.

BetaSim said...

Lol, "'The MOB?' 'That wasn't a very good story.'"