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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review Forthcoming?

I posted last time that I was in a dead zone as far as what to review next. I also posited that Just Cause 2 was not going to be it. Those statements may both change soon.

Early this morning, after another late night World of Warcraft session, I decided I was going to try something I’d not really played yet. I narrowed it down to the demos of Settlers 7 and Just Cause 2. I had been in the beta for Settlers 7, so I opted for Just Cause 2. The preview for the game on Steam made for an interesting read, so I downloaded the demo right away. I was worried that I would be playing the game the same way my computer handles GTA4 and Red Faction: Guerrilla – with frame rates dipping into the single digits all the time. I was also worried that it was going to be like the original Just Cause’s demo, which never excited me.

Damn, was I surprised. The game’s default settings for my computer kept the frame rate around 30 FPS, and the gameplay was pure – for lack of a better word – chaos. I’ve not had free-form destructive fun like that since GTA: San Andreas, and I must say that I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I may pick this game up and review it yet.

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