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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cleveland Rocks

Hey everyone. I’m in a good mood tonight after my hometown Cleveland Indians won again with another walk off at Progressive Field. It looks like some of the old Jacob’s Field Magic still lingers there. It’s shades of 1995, actually, when that team made a name for itself by becoming contenders almost overnight and specializing in walk off wins when the park was still Jacob’s Field (it’s still The Jake to me). On opening day I made a wallpaper for my desktop to celebrate the Tribe’s new season, and now I’m sharing it with everyone here. I consider it my good luck charm and it’s staying up on my desktop until the Indians season is over.
It’s simple as can be but I like it. My motif was a sewn-on Chief Wahoo patch on a generic sleeve. I’ve got this now in many common desktop ratios, so if you’re an Indians fan show your support and download it.
That’s all for now. Later all.

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