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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Up to Date: Apr. 14th, 2010

Here’s a couple quick notes to get everyone caught up.

  • I’m cutting the daily gaming updates from Raptr to my Twitter account on the grounds that they were useless and overabundant. I will keep my achievement notices, though.
  • As I tweeted, expect my Just Cause 2 review within the next day or so.
  • Beta and I are working on a new efficiency system here at, namely how to get my butt in gear. It’s a behind-the-scenes process, but I just wanted to let folks know that I’m trying to catch up.
  • ABO: Random Fandom is DOA. I’m sorry that it didn’t make it past issue one, but lack of support and interest from our readers have put it to bed.

That’s all for now. I hope to have my review up ASAP for everyone to read.

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