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Friday, April 9, 2010

Why? Just ‘Cause.


I am officially reviewing Just Cause 2, for anyone wondering. This game has it’s flaws but the carnage is hard to deny. Eidos just released new DLC with this pink car that you can buy from the black market in game, and it’s a riot. It’s nigh maxed out, stat-wise, and it’s fairly cheap, so of course I got one right away and went on a little rampage.

Here’s some quick bullet points on what I like best.

  • Sling-shotting myself across the terrain with my grappling hook before deploying my parachute, and then using my hook to pull myself around in the air to stay above ground.
  • Riding on the hood of one of my AI buddy’s car, with him careening out of control as baddies chase us.
  • Shooting enemy tires out, forcing them to wreck and save me the trouble of killing them.

It’s a fun game, but I’ll have some things to nag about when the review comes around.

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