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Monday, June 21, 2010

OnLive Article: Delayed. Again.

OnLive. It’s been a love-hate relationship for me since it launched last Thursday. It took until yesterday for me to get my account activated, and then I had to call because my activation didn’t work.

So now, my account has been activated. I have the client installed. I’m set to go forth and try out the service. Let’s just fire it up and…

nowayonlive God dammit.

A check through my settings and a scan by or three told me that I had gotten my ISP’s bargain-basement connection speed of 3 mb/s. Of that, I was maxing out around 2.8 mb/s on Speedtest. Consider me ticked off.

What this means is that my OnLive article will have to be further postponed, and that my ISP can expect a call soon. This won’t go on for long, I assure you.

I will get OnLive.

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