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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Gaming Updates

I’ve been gaming some more and since I’m mid-update on,, I’m going to be pouring my data here.

League of Legends 2011-01-26 07-08-35-77

  • LEAGUE OF LEGENDS -  I finally did it, I got into some online matches. I played five straight this morning, and they ranged from kind of lame to really odd. Here’s a rundown.
    • GAME 1: I came in as Ashe, my preferred champion. I just queued for a normal match and got thrown straight to the wolves. I died some 15 times and got only one kill. I had about four assists, though. One of our guys was kind of annoying, because he was talking in really broken English and constantly saying “Mom sad no mor play agen… mus get off.. sorr/,” but he never left. Odd.
    • GAME 2: Here I got invited to a match and got with some really nice folks. I opted to go with Nunu since Ashe was quickly snapped up. We proceeded to blitz the map, but I died about 11 times, killing only one other champion – but I had 10 assists. That’s an improvement, right? At one point I was having a touch and go battle with another champion (I can’t remember who right now) and we were both just about dead when an ally playing Caitlyn cut off my adversary. My foe then chimed in via chat that “Nunu got away. I was raping his ***!”  Not so, smartass. I had just as good a chance of killing you as you did me.
    • GAME 3: The dude who invited me to the last game friended me here and invited me to a second game. He was again Ashe and I Nunu. This time I finally felt somewhat comfortable since it was my second online battle with Nunu. I’d developed a comfort level with Nunu, but that didn’t save us. We ended up surrendering as soon as we could (25 minutes in).
    • GAME 4: This was by far the odd duck. I was invited by some random person who friended me when I joined the match. My teammate also friended me. The odd part was that it turned out to be an newbie battle. The highest level characters we mine and the person who invited me (level 6) and we had two level ones. The big problem was getting a fair fight. We ended up with a three-on-two affair. I was on the three (as Nunu, naturally) and I learned that playing against inexperienced human players is no harder then playing against bots. I killed one of the other team’s champions twice in the first couple minutes, at which point he quit. Now it was 3 on 1. Needless to say we swamped the damn place.  The poor lone enemy had no chance. I ended with 5 kills, two assists and no deaths. Unfortunately since it was an unbalanced match, I got nothing for it.

GameClient 2011-01-26 03-44-00-54

  • CHAMPIONS ONLINE: FREE FOR ALL – I was in the beta test for Champions Online way back when so I’ve watched the game grow and change. Now that it’s gone free to play, I  had to hop back in and give it a go to see the changes. I had some small issues, though. I tried the create a really cool new hero of the Survival archetype but was told that “character creation failed” over and over again. Frustrated, I tried to turn my ape-type hero into a Savagery archetype was told the same thing. I was getting very frustrated. Anyone who’s playing the free to play model can see the punch line coming: all of the archetypes are available to free players EXCEPT for Survival and Savagery. Great, the only two I tried were the only two I couldn’t use. Of course this was posted nowhere in the game. I had to go online and look up the issue to find out what was going on. I ultimately made my new hero you see above, an Archery archetype named Sharp. He’d designed to be something of a fallen angel type of thing. The tutorial hasn’t improved at all, but the experience once you’re out of that has. I felt much more like a true hero this time and not just someone running around in a silly costume. I’m only level 7 though so time will tell if it stays this good.

That’s all for now. Later, all.

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