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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Continuing Work is Continuing

I’m making excellent headway on’s update/conversion. It needs a few more coats of polish and some tweaking, but I’m finally ready to share a preview.


It’s allot more basic then what I have now, appearance-wise but thanks to it’s new blog base, it will be allot easier to update, maintain and improve, without the huge downtimes changes like this one take. I’m taking suggestions for improvements, if anyone has any.

Changing subjects, I’m going to again share what I’ve been playing.


  • BLOODLINE CHAMPIONS – This is like a high-octane take on the MOBA formula. Just non-stop action with nothing but your team of champions versus another. The controls are nice but I would prefer an over-the-shoulder perspective, personally.


  • BATTLEFORGE – If a real time strategy game had a baby with Magic: The Gathering, Battleforge would be the result. I’m just getting started here and haven’t gotten much done (my deck is still the starter deck, for crying out loud), but I’m really enjoying myself so far.


  • SUPER MEAT BOY - Bloody and very challenging, Super Meat Boy doesn’t sound like my type of game, but I like it. I picked it up on recommendation and, while I suck at it, it’s so crazy and easy to play that I keep trying.


  • OCTODAD – This the real fringe stuff. A project from some DePaul University students, the controls are incredibly unwieldy. You click the mouse buttons to lift your legs and move them, releasing the button to drop them, thereby moving yourself about. You seem to be made of Jell-o (fitting, since octopus don’t have bones) and this control scheme makes the game much harder then it has to be, but without the unique controls, I never would have given it a first look, let alone a second. As is, it’s clumsy as hell but is such a unique experience that people should try it just to watch octodad stumble and bounce without remorse about the rooms. It’s worth checking out just for the laughs.

TwoWorlds2 2011-02-02 04-29-06-74

  • TWO WORLDS II – I wasn’t going to bother with Two Worlds II since disliked the original so strongly, but all of the new features they were offering were to tempting to pass up. A customizable magic system where you combine elements to make your spells? A strong physics engine base? A huge, open world? Sailing? Where to do I sign up?? I had trouble getting it to boot at first, but now that I’ve got it running it’s better then I’d expected – I wasn’t anticipating much after the first game’s huge let down.

I’ll probably be reviewing most of the games above, once finishes it’s transformation. Back to work!

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