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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick Update’s rebuild is still coming along well, so here’s my latest gaming trials.


  • BULLETSTORM DEMO – I’m honestly not sure I understood half of what was going on in this demo, but I know I liked it. Does the leash ability – which you can use to yank foes to you, even from behind barriers - have any limitations? I didn’t find any while I played, and it made the demo easy as hell. It also made it incredibly fun. To hell with figuring out what’s going on… I just want to rack up as many skill shots as I can. This demo is a riot.
  • MAGICKA DEMO – I had high hopes for this one but it’s really let me down. My biggest complaint is the control setup.I don’t like having to hold down my mouse button for my little mage to move. Just let me click where I want him to go and have him do so. Is that so hard? Mixing and matching magic isn’t much easier, in my experience. So far, so sad. Oh well.

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