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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking an Unlimited Test Drive

TestDrive2 2011-02-09 06-58-37-49

I got my preorder copy of Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the PC yesterday and have been tooling around in it here and there since. I’m not a great racer (Betasim, on the other hand, is pretty darn good) but I wanted to give TDU2 a try after all of the good things I’d read. I selected the car you see above for my first ride (the other two were sharper looking, but the classic ride was harder to control and the other one looked like a ‘trap,’ with less performance for better looks). I took it for a spin and then went through the racing license test section (which I hated, by the way). I’m now doing random jaunts around the island, buying clothes, hairstyles and the like. I was on my way to the nearest car detail shop in the picture above. I  guess I’m kind of rough on my car.

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